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Security Post Installation

Security Post Installation

We provide a full nationwide installation service, throughout the UK, for our security products.With over 10 years of experience and expertise, we have specialist knowledge to ensure that your security posts are installed correctly, our professional service ensures your property is protected by professionally installed security posts.

Each installation is as individual as your property, we take into consideration the surface and what is needed to fit your post, barrier or gate to ensure it performs its function as fully intended. Our installation charges are tailored to each individual installation, we don’t charge a flat rate for installation, we cost and quote each installation individually, ensuring you only pay for what is needed.

Once your security bollards have been installed and fitted by our installation team, we will then assist with the reinstatement of the surface to complete the professional finish.

On receipt of your order, one of our representatives will be in contact with you to arrange a convenient installation date. We understand the need for minimal disruption on site and therefore, we will work with you to ensure as little disruption as possible is caused, maintaining your access to your premises for business as usual. We will also discuss any individual requirements and specifications that you may have prior to installation.

Our installation work usually takes place during normal business hours, however, we can arrange for installation during out of hours / weekend work if required and this may incur a surcharge to the cost of installation.

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